What’s on offer?

Cornerstone uses a network of volunteer mentors, who are experienced business people, to give you an independent, free-of-charge view of your business, to help you to identify and address key issues and to develop a strategy for growth.
The service is delivered by a company which itself engages volunteer mentors to deliver the needs of its client mentees, who in turn contract with the company for that purpose. The benefit for the mentee is that the arrangement is flexible – for example a second mentor could be engaged were that necessary or desirable. The mentor is protected by the contractual arrangements and the existence of professional liability cover arranged by the company.
The fact that the organisation is run entirely by volunteers makes it more sustainable, so the mentee can be confident that their support will not simply evaporate as some have found, for example, when funding has dried up.
If you think a Cornerstone mentor could be the right choice for your business contact the Growth Hub today and we can introduce you to the service.

Who’s it for?

New and established businesses seeking mentoring in Somerset.

Contact information

W. http://cornerstonementoring.co.uk/

Can’t find the support service you are looking for?

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