12 August 2021

Small business owners who may be uncertain about why sustainability, net zero and climate change are relevant to their day-to-day work are being invited to special regional event run by Britain’s biggest business representation group.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) are staging the event entitled ‘What is net zero and why is it important to my SME business?’ for FSB members and non-members alike at the start of September to try and help SMEs owners understand more about the subject as a whole and give them advice about how to take a greener path. It will also aim to show why being more sustainable can help their business bottom line – as well as the planet.

The virtual event for the South West will feature short ten-minute presentations from speakers from across the region – including Bath, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Dorset – and is aimed both at businesses who are already on the net zero journey as well as those who are completely new to the subject.

The FSB’s regional chairman Lee Nathan – who has offices in Devon and Bristol – said that businesses are constantly hearing about the green agenda but may not necessarily know how they fit into it or how their contribution could make a difference which is why the event will offer a chance for discussions as well as presentations.

“The whole subject of net zero, climate change and sustainability can, at times, seem overwhelming for local small businesses who may wonder how they can get involved themselves in helping tackle what is clearly a huge international problem, “he said.

“We hope our event will help small businesses understand the issues more and also hear some practical, affordable ways that they can make their businesses more sustainable. The South West can and should be the greenest region for businesses in the UK – let’s hope our event will contribute to that ambition and help our SMEs on their green journey.”

The event, on the morning of Thursday, September 9, is free to attend and more details and registration are available online here.

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