10 August 2017


1)  Ready made, tailored dashboards

Not tech savvy and daunted by the task of setting up custom dashboards?  There are a wealth of ready-made custom dashboard templates that you can import straight into your GA account using their ‘Solutions Gallery.’

Customization –> Dashboards –> Import from Gallery

From SEO dashboards, to measuring site performance, ecommerce data and campaign statistics; with minimal (or no) tweaking, there is a dashboard to which meets your needs.

2)  Going mobile

Do you actually need to fork out for that mobile website? Analytics data will show what percentage of traffic was from a desktop, tablet and/or mobile device.

If your site doesn’t render well on mobile devices, you may be loosing customers. Or this information may enable your decision that having a mobile site is not a priority spend, right now.

Audience –> Mobile –> Overview  

2)  How are you being found?

Behaviour –> Search Terms

You can see the keywords that visitors are inputting into search engines in order to land on your website. This is an incredibly helpful tool if you undertaking on-going keyword research (for pay per click campaigns or regular blogging).

4)  Enabling features to enable better understanding

When you sign-up for a google analytics account, not all features are automatically enabled.  Certain features like, site speed, demographic data & site search, can be enabled.

5)  Go beyond ‘The Google’…

Google Analytics, although isn’t the only tool at your disposal. Connecting Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) is free and will provide insight about search queries, the number of impressions your website makes and testing tools to diagnose crawl errors.

This Five Facts Friday was just a tip of the iceberg. Feedback we’ve received shows that some business owners can find analysing Google Analytics information daunting or just too time-consuming.

However, Google Analytics can provide businesses with a wealth of information and data that, when correctly used, will help to inform important decisions, e.g. understanding your market-place, defining your target audience, showing areas for growth and identifying necessary areas for website development.

Google Analytics has set-up the Analytics Academy, a learning centre that covers courses for Beginners, Advanced Users, ecommerce Users and Google Tag Managers.

Want to know more? View our events directory for upcoming funded digital marketing workshops in your area.

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