15 November 2019

Automatic Enrolment

Over the next couple of months, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) would like to share two new automatic enrolment messages as widely as possible:

  1. Maintaining contributions: TPR remind employers that it’s their responsibility to make sure the right contributions are being paid on time. TPR are able to use their data to detect when employers are not maintaining their contributions – don’t risk a fine.
  2. Seasonal workers: TPR encourage employers who are thinking of taking on more staff to help them through the Christmas period, to be aware that they still have legal automatic enrolment responsibilities – find out what you’ll need to do.

TPR have prepared a suite of content and materials that you can download and use within your own communication channels as appropriate. The toolkit for employers can be found here.

Pensions Scams: 22 years of pension savings gone in 24 hours

TPR are keen to continue amplifying the noise around pension scams and are encouraging people to protect their lifetime savings by staying alert to the danger signs. New analysis from the joint FCA/TPR’s #ScamSmart campaign reveals new behavioural statistics showing victims of pension scams could lose 22 years’ worth of saving within 24 hours.

TPR encourage you to directly life the below copy and use in your communication channels where appropriate.

The joint FCA/TPR ScamSmart pension campaign continues throughout this Autumn/Winter – it encourages people to protect their lifetime savings, and reminds them of the four simple steps that can help protect them. Key findings FCS/TPR’s new analysis shows scam victims could lose an average of 22 years savings in 24 hours an that nearly two-thirds of people would trust someone offering pensions advice out of the blue – and that those who are more highly educated can be more at risk. The recent ScamSmart quiz on FCA’s website demonstrates just how easy it is to be scammed – encourage your staff to stay alert to the danger signs of a pension scam. Visit www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/pension-scams for more information.

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