15 February 2019

There is a new and free to use Woodland Wildlife Toolkit for woodland owners or managers embarking on their woodland management plan. You can use it to get a better idea of what priority wildlife species can be found in or around your woodland. Click on the location of the woodland you are interested in and a list of priority species appears. Each species has an advice sheet that highlights its key habitat requirements and management recommendations. This gives you an idea of how to manage your woodland better for these species and what to include in your management plan and/or grant application.

 If you are looking for help for managing your woodland – either the practical or planning side of it or to buy or sell wood products – you may find the South West’s Woodland Directory useful. You might also like to have a look at some of the national or regional directories available, including Sylva’s myForest, the national Biomass Suppliers’ List or the South East’s WoodLots, which also contains listings from further north and west. Other websites focus on specific products, such as the National Coppice Federation’s list of charcoal suppliers or specific services such as the British Horse Loggers.



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