What is Better Business for All (BBfA)?

It’s a local partnership between businesses, business support and regulators and across Devon & Somerset to promote local economic prosperity, whilst maintaining public protection. BBfA aims to improve how regulatory services are delivered in Devon & Somerset and to show how working with your local regulators can save you time and money, improve your competitiveness and help you grow your business.

It’s also about encouraging more businesses to seek advice from local regulators by highlighting the benefits of regulation to business, without fear of enforcement activity. And it’s about ensuring that regulatory staff better understand how businesses operate and the pressures you face.

BBfA is part of a national government initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on business. It is endorsed by Regulatory Delivery, which is part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

BBfA is not a short term project but a better way of working, which is mutually beneficial in times of austerity and beyond. The Partnership is passionate about making a culture change between businesses and regulators, which encourages the building of trust to establish good working relationships.

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What’s in it for me?

  • BBfA is business-focused, using business-led improvements to create better regulation, support business growth and create a level playing field for businesses
  • A positive relationship between business and regulators is crucial to reducing both the perceived and real regulatory burden on business.
  • Listening to businesses’ needs and acting on it in an open and transparent way to help shape the way support is provided by local regulators
  • Making sure you comply with the law will help your business be successful while protecting your customers and your reputation.
  • We want to create an environment where businesses feel confident to seek advice from local regulators without fear of attracting enforcement activity.
  • Regulators are a source of free, impartial and up-to-date support and advice for businesses.
  • We recognise that compliant businesses can be at a disadvantage if a more formal enforcement approach is not taken with non-compliant businesses. It is important that regulators are consistent and continue to take enforcement action when necessary in a fair and transparent way. This ensures both a level playing field for businesses as well as public protection.

Who do I speak to?

To seek information and advice on regulations that apply to your business and where to go for further help, contact the Growth Hub on 03456 047 047 or complete our Get In Touch form.

Alternatively, you can contact your local regulator by email as follows :

Contact Information by Local Authority

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards provides a range of services to help you develop your business and comply with regulations.

T: Devon – 01392 381381  |  Somerset – 0300 123 2224  |  Torbay – 01803 208025

E: tradingstandards@devon.gov.uk  |  W: www.devonsomersettradingstandards.gov.uk/business/

Commissioned by Devon, Somerset and Torbay councils.

Get in touch

Contact the Growth Hub team to find out about support available locally.

03456 047 047

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