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Privacy Policy

When you contact the Growth Hub, you will be asked to provide us with information. This will include some personal information such as your name, email address, phone number and business address. You may provide this data over the phone, via our website form, via email or in person.

Depending on which services you are interested in, we may also ask for some categories of sensitive information, such as ethnicity or disability. We ask for this information for statistical purposes only to meet the requirements of our funding agreements. We will only process sensitive information if you provide a positive opt-in.

We will use your information so that we can provide suitable business services to you, which may include sharing your data with scheme providers to whom you wish to be referred. Your business data may also be aggregated with that of other businesses to inform trends and other business insights that can inform service providers or our Funders. This may include processing information about the type and intensity of business support we provide and the nature of your business support enquiry. It may also include matching your business data to other data sources to understand more about companies like yours and general business patterns and trends.  We will also use your information for independent project monitoring and evaluation.

To meet our funding obligations, the Growth Hub is required to use your data to provide certain business and statistical information about the service we provide to you, to our funding bodies. This may include providing general business information, as well as details about schemes or services to which you have been referred.

The Heart of the South West Growth Hub service (the ‘Growth Hub’) is funded by the Department for Business and Trade. Somerset Council is the Accountable Authority and Plymouth City Council is the Managing Authority. The Growth Hub service is managed and delivered by Devon County Council.

Please see Somerset Council’s Privacy policy for information about how your data is used and stored. You can read the privacy policy on the Somerset Council website by clicking on the following link:

The Growth Hub service is managed and delivered by Devon County Council.

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