What’s on Offer?

They offer businesses:

  • Finance
  • Technical & business expertise
  • European Space Agency branding & promotion
  • Network and Partnership Building

The vision of ESA Business Applications is to improve the lives of people on Earth through Space. We make this possible by enabling and supporting businesses in the short-term commercialisation and application of Space data and technology for everyday services.

In order to achieve this, the following objectives have been defined for ESA Business Applications activities:

  • Promotion of space applications to a wider range of users, especially those who are not aware of the benefits that space technologies can bring to them
  • Development of new operational services for these users, involving a broader participation by actors on both the demand and supply sides
  • Utilisation of one or more existing space-assets such as
    • Satellite Communications
    • Earth Observation
    • Satellite Navigation
    • Human Spaceflight technologies
    • and others

Leading to a better exploitation of existing space capacity and know-how together with a better understanding of how they should evolve to meet user requirements

  • Cross-fertilisation across disciplines (e.g. impact of Climate on Health, on Energy, on Transport, etc…) together with the development of a consistent approach across our initiatives, to maximise their efficient and cost- effective implementation

Who’s it for


Any business in Devon or Somerset

Contact Information

Visit the website for full information: https://business.esa.int/

Call: 07812 054032

Email: d.lyndsay@exeter.ac.uk 

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