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Excelling in Excel: Unleash Your Spreadsheet Superpowers!

Session 1 – A Deep Dive into Formulas and Functions 
Thursday 23 May & Tuesday 18 June at Cotie (Centre of Technology Innovation Excellence) Business Innovation Hub based at the Petroc campus in Tiverton
9:00am – 4:30pm
In this session, you will be creating complex formulas spanning different worksheets and workbooks. You will:
  • Create and use techniques such as; Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Advanced filters, Nested functions
  • Create and use a wide range of functions including; LOOKUP, IF, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, YEAR, MONTH, DAY.

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  • Businesses need to be based in Mid Devon District Council area to be eligible.
  • Restricted to a maximum of 2 people per organisation per session
9:00 am
Cotie Business Innovation Hub, Petroc campus ,Tiverton

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