Swimming Pool Safety Webinar and pool safety Guide for pool operators

Swimming Pool CoverWe have created this resource to help businesses who operate swimming pools in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector to go through the steps required to make their pool environmentally safe for customers and also for staff maintaining the pool. The project was funded by The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

In addition to the films, we have produced a pool safety guide, which expands on the topics covered in these films and provides you with a set of helpful forms. These can be downloaded in Word format for use locally.

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An industry professional Paul Sharples, has worked with Heart of the South West authorities to develop the 6 webinar sessions. These take you through the following core elements.

It is recommended initially that all films are viewed as a complete set, by all pool operatives so they are aware of what must be done to ensure your pool is compliant with the Law and best practice regarding pool safety. Key films can then be revisited as and when a pool manager feels it is helpful to remind staff of their responsibilities. You may also wish to share these training films with any businesses that hire the pool, to ensure they are also aware of these key elements to safe pool operating.

All 6 films are relatively short (under 10 minutes each), hence should take no longer than 1 hour to complete collectively. Subtitles can be switched on if required, using the “CC” button in the video player.

Webinar Sessions

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